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What did we create?
Answer: internet Text instant messenger - (iTim for short)

Send and Receive FREE Text messages using iTiM, a web-based instant messenger created to make life easier for people who text. You can send text messages to anyone in the US and receive replies directly on itim. It's really easy! We also create a widget version which allows you to add iTim to your iGoogle Page, MySpace, Hi5, facebook, etc. Click here to Register Now (as easy as 3 steps).


Why did we created iTim?

Due to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster in 2005, the team at 2waystar created a live web prototype of a 2way text messenger to the public for free so people can locate or communicate with their missing loved ones. This was motivated by the fact that the refugees housed in the astrodome in Houston Texas were provided with internet access but no cellphones. This posed a problem for the refugees as most of them did know their loved ones' email address but knew their cellphone numbers. So the original iTim provided a solution that allowed these refugees to be able to text their loved ones and also receive replies.

Who are We?

We are the team whose sole purpose is to make everyone's lives easier using innovative mobile technologies. We appreciate the needs of our users and humanity as a whole and strive to provide life-improving solutions. So don't hesitate to let us know if you have a problem, maybe we solve it ;)