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Have a question or a Suggestion? Need to Reach Us

Need to reach the iTim Team? Do you have a question? Do you want to tell us what you think about iTim Text App? You can email us, or better yet, you can itim us.

Email: itimsupport@itimworld.com
iTim Nickname: itim-support .

Guess what!!! You can also text us directly from your itim app. 24 hours 7days a week support. So if you have any questions and you have the iTim Text App, follow the steps belows to text us, we promise you will get a live person everytime :)

1. Create a New Conversation


2. Switch to IM/Nickname Mode (if you already in Nickname Mode skip this step)

clickswitchbutton arrow click button

3. Enter our support nickname: itim-support


4. Type your message/question and Send the Message











  Investor Relations
Looking to invest in the next great online social communication tool?

With iTimWorld Advertising Platform, you can reach audiencing that are in the process of communicating with their loved ones easily. Your ad will run when the user performs an action on the itim allowing them to interact with your ad immediately after performing an action.