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  iTim Text iPhone App (works on iPod Touch too)
Send/Receive free texts and media on Your iPhone and iPod Touch

iTim Text
free + text + mms + video

star Send And Receive Free Text

star Photo and Video Messaging

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star Landscape texting

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iTim Text: All-in-One Free SMS and MMS client.       Videos | FAQs

Complete with push notifications*, iTim Text (tm) is a full feature text messaging client that lets you SEND and RECEIVE both text and picture messages with your friends from your iPhone or iPod touch, FOR FREE*. You can also automatically receive MMS on AT&T's viewmymessage service. Your friends can now send photo or videos to you via text messages and you can receive and view these media directly in your iTim messaging conversations, (no more logging into a website and entering long passcodes). iTim is a full fledged text messaging app that maintains local storage of all text and media sent and received, so you can open photos, text or videos you have received even if you are in airplane mode or have no signal. We have strived to provide the same quality of service that inspired us to create iTimWorld (web version) when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, so the refugees would have a simple free browser-based tool for sending and receiving sms to their loved ones.

Features Include: (OS 2.0 or greater)
1. Send and Receive Free Text Messages over WiFi, EDGE, or 3G Networks
2. Send photo messages by adding from your photo album, using the camera or selecting from your itim media gallery to major US carrier mobile devices.
3. Receive Photo and video messages from major US carrier mobile devices.
4. Send and receive animations (GIFs).
5. Copy/Forward text and photo messages (OS 2.0 or greater)
6. Auto-import viewmymessage.com mms messages with AT&T (OS 3.0 or greater).
Once iTim retrieves the multimedia media from viewmymessage.com, it will send you an push alert and you can view and reply directly from itim. [For iPhone 2G]

7. Offline viewing of all conversations and media gallery (including video messages).
8. Your friends can also start a text conversation with you 'twitter style' by texting you iTim nickname to 3109043113 - (ex. Text "@billgates" to 3109043113)
[ NO email required]
9. Push notification of incoming text/photo/video message. (OS 3.0 or greater)
10. New incoming message audio alert - "You have a new message!" (NO REFRESHING NEEDED)
11. All Media and Messaging history is synced on the web at itimworld.com cloud, so you can view and continue texting from your PC/Mac as well as share your photos and videos with your friends.
12. Access your contacts from your iphone or ipod itouch from within itim and send text or photo messages to your friends
13. all new incoming messages are downloaded and synced when itim app is opened, so the app can be closed and new messages can be viewed later at your convenience.
14. separate itimbook for contacts you wish to sync with your itimworld cloud account online.
15. Landscape mode available (can also be disabled in your itim settings).
16. Quick Emoticon keyboard and simple LOL keyboard.
17. Built-in seperate media gallery separated into photos, animations, movies
18. one-touch easy call contact from within the conversation
19. send and receive instant messages between itimworld users on the web or on mobile devices (eg cellphones, sony psp, etc)

It is really easy to get started with itim. Just sign in or register for you free itim nickname right from your device.

Most services can send free messages. But with itim, you can trully complete your iphone/ipod mobile communication capabilities by adding the ability to also receive free text, photo and video messages.

Let us know what you think about itim and if you have any suggestion or additions you would like to see in itim.

*Push Notifications are available only for devices with OS 3.0

Yes indeed, you will also receive your replies automatically, no need to reload anything.

Nope, there are no daily limits and there are no additional charges or yearly fees. It is completely free from us.